Rise of the Champion 

Discover how Max Holloway climbed the ranks to become the UFC Featherweight Champion. 

Breakthrough Fight 

Recap of Max’s first key victory in UFC that set the tone for his illustrious career. 

Championship Glory 

Relive the captivating moment Max Holloway claimed the Featherweight title. 

Defining Defense 

A closer look at the tactical brilliance Max displayed against Jose Aldo. 

Setting Records 

Highlighting the records set by Holloway in the Featherweight division. 

Comeback Stories 

Insight into Max's ability to bounce back from setbacks with incredible victories. 

Lasting Legacy 

Exploring what makes Max Holloway a true legend of the sport. 

Champion Outside  the Ring 

Peek into Max’s life outside the ring, his charitable acts, and role as a positive figure.