Pura Vida on a Board: Unleash Your Inner Surfer


Beginner's Paradise: Perfect Breaks Await

Find the perfect spot for your first wave! Explore Costa Rica's renowned beginner-friendly beaches with gentle waves. 

Find Your Perfect Instructor: Stoke the Fun

Enlist the help of a friendly, experienced instructor who will guide you every step of the way and make learning fun. 

Pop-Up Power: Mastering the Basic

Learn essential skills like paddling, popping up on the board, and riding the wave with confidence. 

Gear Up for Success: Rentals Made Easy

No need to bring your own gear! Surf schools offer high-quality surfboard and wetsuit rentals. 

Ocean Safety First: Essential Knowledge

Learn important safety protocols to ensure a fun and safe experience in the water. 

Catch the Stoke: Embrace the Challenge

Embrace the challenge, have fun, and celebrate your progress as you conquer those waves. 

Ride the Wave of Success: Memories Made

Create lasting memories and discover a newfound passion for surfing in the beautiful Costa Rican waters. 

Share the Stoke: Inspire Others 

Share your surfing journey on social media and inspire others to catch their first wave!  

Plan Your Surfing Escape: Hit the Waves!