Vacation Snap Gone Viral!  This tourist captured a breathtaking view, but something strange lurks in the background.

Can you spot it?

Swipe to see what has the internet buzzing!

something more mysterious? 

Hold On a Minute!  Upon closer inspection, something odd appears in the distance.

The Internet Detectives Take Over!  The photo goes viral, sparking heated discussions online.  

People offer wild theories, from hidden creatures to alien visitors.  What do YOU think it is? 

Weighing in the Experts:  Scientists and experts chime in, offering their interpretations of the anomaly.  

The tourist, fueled by the online frenzy, returns to the location to see if they can find a rational explanation for the anomaly captured in the photo. 

The Mystery Deepens (or Solved!)  Did the tourist find a logical explanation?  Or does the anomaly remain a puzzling mystery?